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Three Environment Friendly Rug Cleaners from Your Kitchen You Didn’t Know About

Rugs are not immune to stains, dust or soil and they need regular cleaning. Most of us use chemical products for cleaning the rugs but these chemicals can turn out to be very harmful for the health of your family and for your rugs too.

Although, there is a vast range of environment friendly products available in the market for cleaning, but you can make your own rug cleaner by using certain ingredients from your kitchen. Here is a list of items which can be utilized in rug cleaning:

Baking soda cleans and softens the rugs. Soap, lemon, vinegar, borax, washing soda, corn starch, citrus solvent, etc., can easily be used for removing stains and that too very effectively. These materials are easily available and are not at all harmful for the colour or the texture of the rug or the environment in any way. They are not at all detrimental to the health of the inmates.

You can mix some of the ingredients which are mentioned above and make your own ready to use rug cleaner. Like you can mix certain amount of vinegar with borax or baking soda and make an effective cleaner. You just have to keep the solution out of the reach of the children and it can be your natural all-purpose cleaner.

For removing moths from the carpets or the rugs, cheddar oil in an absorbent cloth or cheddar chips can be a very effective solution. Homemade moth repelling solutions can be made with the help of rosemary, rose petals, lavender, etc.

So, which one is your favourite rug cleaner? Do let us know in the comments.

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