Rug cleaning

Scrubbing and cleaning of the carpets are meant to make your carpet clean and free from allergens but sometimes wrong method of rug cleaning does you more harm than good..

That is why you need to follow or keep in mind to make sure that your rugs and carpets look new forever.

Given below are some cleaning blunders that you need to avoid while rug cleaning.

Scrubbing of the fibres of the carpets in order to remove the stain can untwist the fibres of your carpet and you cannot undo the damage that is done to the carpet due to scrubbing. 

Using hard cleansing agents can damage the strands of your carpets. Cleaning the carpets or rugs at home by using such agents can ruin the colour or the texture of your carpets. 

You think all the cleansing agents are disinfectants, but it is not true. The rugs or the carpets could be the refuge of various bacteria, fungi, moulds, etc. and they can cause various diseases. That is why you need to use perfect ingredients to get rid of such microorganisms. 

Sometimes the carpets absorb too much water and over wetting of carpets can cause the colour to fade away or the carpets to shrink. If the backing or the pad of the carpet gets wet, then it is very difficult to dry it and it gets exposed to the risk of developing moulds.

One should place the furniture over a wet carpet because furniture leave their dye as a stain over the carpet. Some furniture are made up of partial metal, such metal can rust leaving stain over the carpet or the rugs. 

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